When To Use a 60 Degree Wedge

Golfers of all levels (even the average golfer like us) know that having the right wedge can make or break your game.

The 60 degree wedge, also known as a lob wedge, is a versatile tool for any golfer’s bag and should not be overlooked. From improving accuracy to increasing distance, there are many benefits to using a 60 degree lob wedge on the golf course.

Deciding which 60 degree wedge to go for can be tricky with so many options available. Read on as we explore what makes this club unique and when you should use it, and our top picks for the best 60 degree wedges in 2023.


What is a 60 Degree Wedge?

What is a 60 degree wedge

A 60 degree lob wedge is the highest lofted golf club in a golfer’s bag and can be used for a variety of shots around the green. Often called a lob wedge, this versatile wedge can help you hit higher, softer landing shots from deep bunkers or tight lies. It also has a lower bounce than other higher lofted wedges, making it ideal for hitting flop shots over hazards and onto the green.

The most common wedges are:

  • Pitching wedge
  • Gap wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Lob wedge


The loft angle on each type varies from 46 to 64 degrees from pitching wedge to a lob wedge depending on which model you choose. A 60 degree wedge typically has the highest loft angle among all these golf clubs – allowing players to hit high-lofted shots with extra spin when needed.

60 degree wedge angle

A 60 degree wedge is a versatile golf club that can be used for many different shots, from chipping around the green to full-swing bunker shots. Therefore, understanding when and how to use a 60 degree wedge is imperative for achieving the best results while golfing.


Key Takeaway: A 60 degree lob wedge is a golfer’s secret weapon for precision shots around the green, offering higher loft and extra spin to land softly with accuracy. 


When to Use a 60 Degree Wedge

When to us a 60 degree wedge app

A 60 degree wedge can be used in various situations around the green and on approach shots when you need more precision than a regular iron or hybrid can provide.

With its precision capabilities, the 60 degree wedge is an excellent choice for various situations on and around the green and approach shots that require more accuracy than an iron or hybrid can provide.


Chip Shots

The 60 degree wedge is great for chip shots from tight lies, deep rough, and sand bunkers. The higher loft gives you greater control over your golf shot so you can land it softly on the green with minimal rollout. You’ll also get a better spin with this club which will help keep your golf ball close to where you want it to land.


Pitches Around the Green

When playing from short distances around the green, a 60 degree lob wedge will give you much more accuracy than any other club in your golf bag. This allows you to hit pinpoint shots and stop them quickly once they reach their target spot on the putting surface. If needed, use a lower-lofted option such as a 56 or 58-degree if you’re having trouble getting enough height on your pitch shots without hitting too far past your intended landing area.

Using a 60 degree wedge can effectively approach shots from the rough sand traps and other difficult terrains around the green.

The next section will explore some of the benefits of using this particular type of club.


Key Takeaway: The 60 degree wedge is a highly versatile club for golfers, giving them greater distance control over chip shots from difficult lies and more spin even on pitch shots around the green. It’s also an indispensable tool for pros who need to be able to hit pinpoint accuracy when aiming at their target spot.


Benefits of Using a 60 Degree Lob Wedge

Using a 60 degree wedge can help you take your golf game to the next level. It can be a great asset for amateur golfers seeking to refine their precision and authority on the green. Here are some of the benefits of using a 60 degree wedge.


Get Out Of Difficult Lies

A 60 degree wedge is designed with more loft than traditional wedges, making it ideal for escaping difficult lies such as sand or rough.

The higher loft helps you get more height on your shot, allowing you to clear any obstacles that may be in your way and land softly on the green.


Improve Accuracy On Short-Distance Shots

With its high loft angle, a 60 degree lob wedge gives you greater control over chip shot, trajectory and spin rate when hitting short-distance shots around the green. This will give you greater accuracy when playing chips and pitches from close range so that even if you don’t make perfect contact with the golf ball, it will still travel where intended, thanks to its increased backspin rate and trajectory control capabilities.


More Versatile Than Traditional Wedges:

Because of its unique design, a 60 degree wedge can also be used for shots other than just those close up around the green – like full swings from 100 yards away or bunker shots from further distances too.

Using a 60 degree wedge can provide many benefits to your golf game, such as increased accuracy and control when hitting shots from the rough. Having considered the benefits of employing such a high loft, 60 degree wedge, let’s now examine some top brands that offer this type of club.


Key Takeaway: Using a 60 degree wedge can give your golf and short game, an edge, allowing you to get out of tough spots and improve accuracy on short-distance shots. Plus, its versatility makes it one of the most valuable clubs in your bag – giving you more bang for your buck.


Best Brands for 60 Degree Wedges

When it comes to choosing top-notch 60° wedges, many brands stand out.

Titleist is known for its high-quality golf clubs, and their Vokey Design SM7 wedges come in various lofts, including 60 degrees. In addition, the Titleist Vokey wedges feature spin-milled grooves, which offer increased spin and control around the greens.

The Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedge also offers excellent performance with its groove-in-groove technology providing maximum spin and control on short shots.

TaylorMade’s Milled Grind 2 Wedge features precision milling for consistent performance around the green and for great chip shots.

Ping’s Glide 3.0 Wedge has an optimized sole design for improved turf interaction and accuracy on every shot. Ping is known for creating forgiving golf clubs. Their wedges are no different.

Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore Wedge provides exceptional levels of forgiveness thanks to its hollow core construction. As a result, Cleveland has built a reputation for the best wedges on the market for every skill level.

Deciding which one is right for you is a matter of preference. I use Cleveland wedges, which have been great around the greens and for chip shots. You can see a full list of wedges by clicking here.


FAQs 60 Degree Wedge

when to use a 60 degree wedge

What is a 60 degree wedge good for?

Lob wedges are most commonly used to hit high, soft pitches and chips around the green, as it has less loft than other wedges. This wedge type also helps golfers control their distance better when hitting from the fairway or rough due to its lower trajectory and spin rate.

Additionally, lob wedges are excellent for bunker shots since it allows players to get under the ball more easily and hit higher trajectories out of sand traps with more accuracy.


Do pros use 60 degree wedges?

Yes, professional golfers do use 60 degree wedges on the PGA tour. It’s useful for shots that require a higher trajectory and greater spin control. The extra loft helps the ball stay in the air longer, allowing players to stop it quickly on or near the green.

With its increased versatility, this club can be used from almost any lie and gives professionals on the PGA tour more options when getting close to the hole.


What is a 60 degree wedge equivalent to?

A 60 degree wedge is equivalent to a lob wedge, which is the highest lofted club in the bag. It has a loft of between 58 and 64 degrees, allowing for shots that require maximum height with minimal roll-out. The higher loft also allows players to hit high-flop shots over obstacles like bunkers or trees. However, accurately executing this shot necessitates a great deal of skill and practice from the golfer.


Should I choose a blade or cavity back design for my 60 degree wedge?

Blade and cavity back designs both have their advantages and disadvantages. Blade designs offer more feel and control, but can be less forgiving on off-center shots.

Cavity back designs offer more forgiveness and can help improve consistency, but may sacrifice some feel and control. It is best to try out both designs and choose the one that feels best for you.


What kind of bounce should I look for in a 60 degree wedge?

Bounce refers to the angle between the club’s leading edge and the sole. A higher bounce angle can help prevent the club from digging into the turf, making it easier to hit shots from soft or fluffy lies.

A lower bounce angle is better for firmer turf conditions. The best bounce angle for you will depend on the conditions of the golf courses you typically play.


Do I need a 60 degree wedge in my bag?

Whether or not you need a 60 degree wedge in your bag depends on your playing style and the courses you typically play.

If you frequently find yourself needing to hit high, short shots around the green, a 60 degree wedge can be a valuable addition to your bag. However, if you rarely need to hit these types of shots, you may be able to get by with a lower-lofted wedge.

60 degree wedge is a type of wedge that has a loft angle of 60 degrees, while a sand wedge is a type of wedge that is specifically designed for hitting shots out of sand bunkers. Sand wedges typically have a loft angle of around 56 degrees and a wide sole to help prevent the club from digging into the sand.


Can I use a 60 degree wedge for full shots?

While a 60 degree wedge is primarily designed for short shots around the green, it can also be used for full shots from short distances. However, it is important to remember that the high loft of the club can make it difficult to hit long, straight shots with a 60 degree wedge.


What type of shaft should I look for in a 60 degree wedge?

The type of shaft you should look for in a 60 degree wedge will depend on your personal preferences and swing characteristics. Generally, a wedge shaft should be slightly heavier and shorter than a standard iron shaft to help improve control and feel.


How should I practice with my 60 degree wedge?

To improve your performance with a 60 degree wedge, practice hitting a variety of shots from different lies and distances around the green. Work on developing a consistent swing and focus on hitting shots with plenty of spin and control. You can also practice hitting flop shots and other high-lofted shots to improve your versatility with the club.


Wrapping It Up

With its increased loft and versatility, the 60 degree lob wedge can help you master tricky shots around the green with ease. Whether you’re a beginner, experienced player or just your every day average golfer, investing in one of these wedges from top brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, or Clevland will give your wedge game that extra edge.


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