Top Golf Dress Code: How to Be Stylish and Comfy

Top Golf Dress Code



  • Dress Code: Aim for casual comfort with breathable fabrics. Avoid offensive graphics and prioritize movement-friendly attire.
  • Footwear: Go for grippy, supportive athletic sneakers. Steer clear of unstable high heels and open flip flops.
  • Weather and Accessories: Dress for the climate, using layers or breathable materials. Enhance play with functional accessories like gloves and UV-protective sunglasses.
  • Event-Specific Attire: Choose outfits that blend comfort and style. Dress up a notch for business or evening events, but keep it casual for social gatherings.

Ever wondered what to wear for a day out at Top Golf? It’s more than just swinging clubs at the driving range; it’s about comfort, style, and sometimes making a statement.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever stood in front of your closet wondering what would hit that sweet spot between casual and stylishly sporty. 

Perhaps you simply don’t want to wear golf attire.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

We’ll guide you through choosing appropriate clothes and footwear that won’t hinder you while you play golf.


Casual Dress Code at Top Golf

Casual Dress

If you’re new to Top Golf, you might wonder about the dress code. 

Is it formal like classic golf or more laid back? 

Here’s a hint on what to wear to TopGolf: Think casual, comfortable, and classy. This isn’t your country club dress code.

Dressing for comfort is what you want to do for the best Top Golf outfits, because you’ll be swinging clubs and potentially spending hours on your feet. 

Light fabrics that allow movement are recommended, such as cotton polos or athletic tees paired with khaki shorts. You can even wear jeans which is normally frowned upon at traditional golf courses.

For ladies, a golf skirt or athletic dress is a great way to be fashionable yet comfortable.


Clothing Restrictions to Keep in Mind

The guidelines from Top Golf state no offensive graphics or language on clothing. 

So, while a T shirt acceptable, make sure they’re family-friendly.


Suiting Up for Weather Conditions

You should also consider weather conditions when planning your outfit.

  • In hot climates, opt for breathable fabrics and bring along a hat and sunglasses.
  • In colder regions, layer up with sweaters/jackets but ensure ease of motion isn’t compromised.


Sporty Yet Casual Shoes

Top Golf isn’t as strict specific dress code as traditional golf courses when it comes to footwear. But you still need to wear comfortable shoes that give support and traction.

Casual tennis shoes are usually a safe bet because they offer these features while fitting in with the laid-back atmosphere.

Traditional golf shoes with a soft sole is also acceptable. That said, if your shoes have spikes, leave those at home and use those on the golf course when you’re playing golf.

That said, it’s best to use closed toe shoes rather than wear sandals.


Grip Matters

A good grip is important in golf to maintain balance during swings. So, opt for rubber-soled shoes over those with smooth soles or heels, which may cause slips on the turf.

If you’re unsure about your current shoe’s suitability, check its bottom – if it has ridges or spikes, it should provide enough friction against slipping.


Ditch The High Heels And Flip Flops

While high heels might be fashionable choices elsewhere, they aren’t suitable here due to their instability and lack of grip – important aspects needed when swinging a golf club.

The same goes for flip flops; although comfortable in other settings like beaches or parks, their open design lacks sufficient foot protection required in golfing environments where balls fly around regularly.

Key Takeaway: Choosing the right shoes for Top Golf can make a difference in your comfort and performance. Opt for casual athletic sneakers that provide support and traction and blend with the relaxed vibe. Ensure they have rubber soles for good grip – crucial to maintaining balance during swings. Avoid high heels and flip flops due to their instability, lack of grip, and insufficient foot protection.


Accessories to Up Your Top Golf Experience

Golf is a game of skill and precision, but the right accessories can elevate your experience at Top Golf.

Quality Glove for Comfort and Grip

A good golf glove, like the ones from FootJoy, not only offers comfort but also improves grip.

With better control over your club, you can enhance both swing speed and accuracy.



Golf-specific sunglasses by Oakley offer protection against harmful UV rays while enhancing visibility in varying light conditions on the course.


Belt – Tie Your Outfit Together

A belt is functional and can also be a style statement on the course. Brands like Nike offer belts with interchangeable buckles, allowing you to customize them according to your outfit or mood.


Key Takeaway: Also, remember to dress well for the game. Whether it’s waterproof jackets or fashionable belts, looking good on the course is important. So don’t just focus on your gear and performance – make sure you’re dressed to impress, too.


Outfit Ideas for Special Events at Top Golf

If you’re planning to attend a special event at Top Golf, the question of what to wear can be crucial.

The key is balance: comfort meets style.


Casual Business Meeting or Team Building Event

For business meetings, stick with casual but polished golf attire.

Your golf outfits should let your personality shine without overshadowing the occasion.

You could go for chinos paired with a collared shirt and loafers, or perhaps athletic pants and a nice blouse if you prefer.


Birthday Parties and Social Gatherings

Social events allow more room for creativity in your dressing choice. A trendy polo shirt paired with khaki shorts might do just fine.

Add some comfortable sneakers, which will not only complement your look but also help in improving your golf swing.


Date Nights or Evening Functions

Dressing up for a fancy date night or an evening function calls for slightly formal yet comfortable clothes. Think along the lines of dark jeans coupled with a stylish top.

For men, consider pairing it off with leather shoes; women may opt for wedge sandals that are easy on feet while adding height too. Remember, heels aren’t recommended because they damage turf areas on the tee line.

Tips to Remember:

  • Maintain Comfort: Regardless of how fancy an event may be, dress comfortably.
  • No Denim Shorts and avoid
  • Check Weather: If you’re attending an outdoor event at Top Golf, check the weather forecast. Bring a light jacket or sweater if necessary.
  • Sun Protection: Remember to use sunscreen and wear sunglasses on sunny days.

Key Takeaway: Whether you’re attending a business meeting, birthday party, or date night at Top Golf, remember to strike a balance between comfort and style. Go for casual yet polished attire like chinos with loafers or dark jeans with stylish tops. Avoid denim shorts and flip-flops, but don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses. Now, you’re all set to make an impression while enjoying the game.

Wrapping It Up – Top Golf Dress Code 

Top Golf is all about balance – in your swing and your style. Remember, the top golf dress code leans casual.

A good pair of shoes can change your game. Comfortable yet suitable footwear helps you stay steady on the green.

Accessories are not just for show; they add to both comfort and performance at Top Golf. Don’t underestimate them!

Dressing up for special events at Top Golf adds fun to functionality, making those occasions even more memorable.

If you have specific questions, contact one of the TopGolf locations near you

In short, knowing what to wear takes away one worry from your mind so that you and friends can focus solely on enjoying the game.


We hope you found our article Top Gold Dress Code helpful.

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