TaylorMade Spider GT Max Putter Review

Have you ever found yourself standing on the green, your heart pounding as you line up that crucial putt? 

The TaylorMade Spider GT Max putter might just be the answer to your golfing prayers.

This putter has taken the golf world by storm. But what makes it so special?

The TaylorMade Spider GT Max boasts an innovative design and advanced technology. 

It promises precision control and consistency like never before, making every stroke feel almost effortless.

And let’s not forget about comfort – we’re going hands-on for a deep dive into how it feels to use this game-changing tool.


TaylorMade Spider GT Max Review

TM Spider Max Putter

The TaylorMade Spider GT Max, a game-changing putter, has created quite a stir in the golfing world. 

But why all this buzz? Let’s break it down.



This is not your typical putter. 

Its unique frame construction combines high-grade aluminum and heavy tungsten for unparalleled stability. 

The shape itself – an unconventional spider-like design – increases moment of inertia (MOI), ensuring more accurate shots even on off-center hits.

Plus, its True Path alignment system uses three sightlines to improve focus and visual acuity. 

This lets you easily visualize the intended path of your putt.


Innovative Technology for Better Control

TaylorMade doesn’t stop at just design; they incorporate innovative technology too. 

Their Pure Roll insert enhances topspin and forwards roll across varying surfaces – helping to lessen skid after impact with each putt. Golf Digest dives into how this new material makes every stroke smoother than ever before.

Besides that, it comes equipped with sliding weights, which allow players to adjust their preferred swing weight based on playing conditions or personal preference.


Comfortable Handling

Grip comfort matters when making those crucial puts under pressure. With SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip, handling feels comfortable yet firm enough for those delicate strokes. 

The balance and feel of this putter give you the confidence to take your game up a notch.

Moreover, it’s available in two lengths – 33″ and 35″, catering to golfers of different heights. 

This helps ensure that each golfer can find a Spider GT Max perfectly suited for their stature.


Sliding Weight Track

Sliding Track

Featuring a sophisticated design, the adjustable weight tracks are meticulously crafted from high-quality stainless steel. 

Weighing in at 98 grams, this path on the base serves as a testament to its robust construction. 

Its primary purpose is to allow the dense tungsten weights to move seamlessly along its track and easily positioned, thereby presenting players with a range of performance options tailored to their specific needs.

In the realm of adjustability, there are three notable settings:

  1. Setting 1: This is specially designed for those seeking optimal stability. It establishes the deepest center of gravity (CG), granting a stable swing experience. This results in a significant reduction in face rotation, ensuring the clubface remains truer to its path.
  2. Setting 2: For those who prefer a balance, this setting provides limited face rotation but compensates with an enhanced toe hang. It’s an ideal middle ground for players looking for a mix of stability and flexibility.
  3. Setting 3: Tailored for players who seek a dynamic swing, this setting is marked by its maximum face rotation. Combined with an amplified toe hang, it’s best suited for those who like to take bold shots with an aggressive swing.

In essence, this adjustable weight mechanism is not just about adding or reducing weight; it’s about fine-tuning your game for the best results on the green.


Key Takeaway: Experience the power of precision with the TaylorMade Spider GT Max. Its unique spider-like design and high-grade materials offer unmatched stability, while innovative tech like a Pure Roll insert and adjustable sole weights improve control. Plus, its comfortable SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip lets you handle pressure putts with ease. But this is more than just a putter—it’s an essential tool that can seriously up your game.

The Performance of TaylorMade Spider GT Max

TM Face

The TaylorMade Spider GT Max putter sets itself apart from the moment you lay your hands on it. 

This tool could be a game-changer for any golfer with its precision, control, and consistency.



True Track

I have to admit, I was impressed by how accurately this putter interacts with the ball. 

The high MOI design helps maintain speed across hits while minimizing twisting on off-center shots. 

This results in an increased sweet spot that allows for more accurate putting – even if your stroke isn’t perfect every time.

In addition to that, its True Path alignment system really ups the ante when it comes to lining up those crucial puts. 

The clear visual path provided by this feature ensures you’re aimed at exactly where you want your ball to go.



The level of control with the Spider GT Max is something else entirely. 

Its fluted feel shaft has been designed with less deflection, which gives players improved feedback and distance control from different strike points.

This putter’s unique face insert combines two materials – co-molded Pure Roll technology and Vibration Dampening PU Foam– delivering smooth roll and enhanced sound & feel that most golfers will find very satisfying indeed. 

If you need more info about these technologies, just check out their detailed explanation over here.



The beauty lies not only in one-off shots but also in this putter’s consistent performance. 

The advanced materials and strategically placed tungsten weights ensure your stroke stays steady, no matter how long you’ve been out on the course.

Additionally, it has a Tour-proven winged shape, which promotes stability throughout the swing to help improve consistency of direction and distance control. 

So whether you’re facing a 3-foot putt or trying to sink one from across the green, you can trust that Spider GT Max will perform consistently every time.


Key Takeaway: The TaylorMade Spider GT Max putter stands out in precision, control, and consistency. Its high MOI design expands the sweet spot for accurate putting, even on off-center hits. The True Path alignment system helps line up critical shots with ease. Moreover, its fluted feel shaft results in less deflection during your swing. To top it all off, an innovative face insert gives you that smooth roll and superior sound & feel every golfer craves.


Feel of the TaylorMade Spider GT Max

As an avid golfer, there’s something unique about holding a new putter for the first time. 

That was exactly my experience with the TaylorMade Spider GT Max.


Grip Comfort and Handling


This is where this club shines. 

The Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip offers a firm yet comfortable hold, reducing hand fatigue during long golfing sessions.

I noticed that the grip gave me greater control over my swings, which could be essential when attempting to achieve a precise putt.


Weight Balance

What struck me most about this putter is its excellent weight balance – neither too heavy nor too light. 

It sits comfortably in your hands without feeling burdensome after several swings.

TaylorMade has employed tungsten weighting in its design for optimal stability, making every stroke feel effortless yet controlled at all times.


Putter Face Response

The response from the Pure Roll insert on contact with the ball felt incredibly solid and satisfying. 

It’s not just about aesthetics or brand reputation; real-world performance matters.

Reviews have praised this feature for its impact on accuracy and distance control


Key Takeaway: There’s something special about gripping the TaylorMade Spider GT Max for the first time. The club shines with its Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip, offering a firm yet comfortable hold that reduces hand fatigue and boosts control over strokes. With perfect weight balance thanks to tungsten weighting, this putter neither feels too heavy nor too light in your hands.


Pros and Cons

If you’re on the hunt for a new putter, you might be considering the TaylorMade Spider GT Max. Like any golf equipment, it has its strengths and weaknesses. After testing the TaylorMade Spider GT Max, I can attest to its advantages and disadvantages.



  • Precision with True Path alignment system: The TaylorMade Spider GT Max impresses with its remarkable precision, thanks to the True Path alignment system. This feature ensures that every stroke you make stays true to your intended line, enhancing your accuracy on the greens.
  • Excellent feel with a balanced steel frame and lightweight carbon composite soleplate: The putter’s feel is exceptional, combining a heavy steel frame with a lightweight carbon composite soleplate to achieve optimal weight balance. This design ensures that the putter feels just right in your hands, promoting a consistent and comfortable putting experience.
  • High MOI performance for consistent distance control: This characteristic contributes to stable and reliable distance control, even on off-center hits. With this putter, you can expect consistent results across various parts of the clubface.
  • Improved roll characteristics with Pure Roll insert: The Pure Roll insert in the TaylorMade Spider GT Max putter enhances its roll characteristics. 



  • Pricing is relatively high: While not exorbitant compared to certain luxury brands, it’s worth noting that the TaylorMade Spider GT Max commands a significant investment. Golfers should be prepared for a moderately high price tag when considering this putter.


Wrapping It Up – TaylorMade Spider GT Max Review

The TaylorMade Spider GT Max putter is a remarkable addition to any golfer’s bag, offering precision, control, and consistency like no other. 

Its innovative design, advanced technology, and comfortable feel make it a game-changing tool for putting. 

However, prospective buyers should be aware of its relatively high price tag and limited adjustability options when deciding. 

Ultimately, it’s a putter that can seriously enhance your putting game, providing the confidence and performance you need on the greens.

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