Rapsodo Launch Monitor Review: Is It Worth It?

Rapsodo Launch Monitor Review

Are you tired of swinging at the range and not really knowing how far the ball went? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a collection of videos of your swing with the most important data included in each shot without spending thousands of dollars on a launch monitor? If so, then this review is for you.

In this Rapsodo Launch Monitor review, we will delve into the details of this innovative and affordable golf launch monitor. As weekend golfers and individuals looking to improve their game, having access to accurate launch data can make a significant difference in performance.

We’ll begin by unboxing the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) and discussing its contents. Next, we’ll guide you through setting up the device and starting with the Rapsodo MLM app. Our exploration will include features such as shot tracer technology, instant video replay playback capabilities, and overhead view options.

Furthermore, we will compare the Rapsodo Launch Monitor to other popular models like the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and the FlightScope Mevo before providing our final impressions from using it at the range. By the end of our evaluation, you should be able to decide if the Rapsodo Launch Monitor is suitable for your golfing requirements.


Unboxing the Rapsodo Launch Monitor

Rapsodo Box

I was thrilled to receive the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) and quickly tore into it, eager to discover what lay within. The packaging is sleek and compact, making a great first impression.

Package Contents Include:

  • Rapsodo MLM device
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Carrying case with carabiner clip
  • User manual & quick start guide

Rapsodo Contents

The Rapsodo MLM itself has a modern design that feels durable yet lightweight.

It comes in a sturdy carrying case with an attached carabiner clip, which makes it easy to attach to your golf bag or belt loop for convenient transportation.

The user manual provides clear instructions on how to set up and use the launch monitor effectively. Included is a brief guide for those who want to get going quickly without perusing the full manual.

The package includes a USB-C charging cable that allows you to charge your Rapsodo MLM quickly and efficiently between uses. This ensures you’ll always have enough battery life when heading out onto the course or driving range.

All things considered, I’m impressed by the presentation of this product upon unboxing and its thoughtful inclusion of essential accessories like a carrying case and charging cable – setting me up for success from day one.

Unboxing the Rapsodo Launch Monitor was a simple and straightforward process that left me feeling confident in my purchase. Setting up the Rapsodo Launch Monitor is just as easy, if not easier, than unboxing it; I’m excited to see how this product will help improve my golf game.

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Setting Up the Rapsodo Launch Monitor

Now that we’ve unboxed our new Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, it’s time to set it up and start improving our golf game. The setup process is simple, but I’ll walk you through each step to ensure a smooth experience.

  1. Charge the Device: Before using your launch monitor for the first time, make sure it’s fully charged. Connect the provided USB cable to a power source and charge until the indicator light turns green.
  2. Create an Account: While your device charges, download the Rapsodo MLM app from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet. Once installed, open the app and create an account with your email address and password.
  3. Firmware Update: After creating an account, log in to check if any firmware updates are available for your device. If prompted, follow instructions within the app to update before proceeding further.
  4. Paring Your Smartphone/Tablet with RMLM: To pair your mobile device with RMLM via Bluetooth: – Turn on Bluetooth in the settings of both devices. – Open RMLM App – Press “Connect” – Select ‘RAPSODO_MLM’ from the list of available devices. – Wait for a successful connection message.
  5. Positioning the Launch Monitor: Once connected, place your Rapsodo MLM on a flat surface about 8 feet behind and slightly to the right (for right-handed golfers) or left (for left-handed golfers) of where you’ll be hitting. Ensure there’s enough space around you for safe swings and that it’s properly aligned with your target line.
  6. Select Your Club: In the app, select which club you’re using so that Rapsodo can accurately measure data specific to each club in your bag. This will help provide more accurate feedback during practice sessions.
  7. Start Swinging: With everything set up correctly, it’s time to start swinging. Hit some shots while monitoring real-time data provided by Rapsodo MLM within the app. Use this information to make adjustments and improve your swing mechanics as needed.


The setup process is straightforward, making it easy for weekend golfers like us to get started quickly without any hassle.

Setting up the Rapsodo Launch Monitor was a breeze, and it only took me minutes to get started. Now, let’s investigate how this remarkable device can be utilized to upgrade our golf performance.


Key Takeaway:  To set up the Rapsodo Launch Monitor, charge it first and create an app account. Then update firmware and pair your smartphone with the device via Bluetooth before positioning it correctly and selecting a club to start swinging while monitoring real-time data provided by Rapsodo MLM within the app for immediate feedback and better swing mechanics.


Using the Rapsodo Launch Monitor

      Rapsodo Session 2    Map

As a weekend golfer looking to improve my game, I was excited to put the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) through its paces. So after setting it up, I headed out to my local driving range with high expectations.


The Rapsodo App and Features

Launch Monitor

The first thing that impressed me about using the Rapsodo MLM launch monitor was how user-friendly their app is. Available for iOS phones, this app seamlessly connects with your launch monitor via Bluetooth and provides real-time data on each shot you take.

  • Shot Tracer: This feature traces your ball’s flight launch direction in real-time, giving you instant feedback on whether you hit a draw or fade.
  • Ball Speed & Club Speed: Knowing these numbers can help you understand how efficiently you transfer energy from your swing into the golf ball.
  • Total Distance & Carry Distance: These metrics are crucial when determining which club to use for specific shots during a round of golf.
  • Satellite Range Mapping: This unique feature allows users to see exactly where their shots land on an aerial view of their practice facility or course, making it easy to visualize improvements over time.
  • Shot Library: The shot library offers an extensive collection of data-driven, detailed shot analytics for golfers, enabling them to analyze, fine-tune, and optimize their swing performance.

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My Experience with the Rapsodo MLM


During my practice session, I found that the Rapsodo Launch Monitor provided accurate and consistent data on each shot. In addition, the instant feedback allowed me to make adjustments in real time, leading to noticeable improvements in my ball striking.

The Shot Tracer feature was particularly helpful for visualizing my shots’ full launch direction and identifying any patterns or tendencies in my swing. For example, I noticed a tendency to hit a slight fade with my driver when trying to hit it straight. With this information at hand, I could work on correcting this issue during future practice sessions.

I also appreciated how easy it was to share data from the app with friends or even golf instructors via social media or email. This made discussing progress and receiving advice incredibly simple.

Lastly, one of the standout features of using the Rapsodo MLM is its portability. The Rapsodo MLM is small enough to be carried conveniently in your golf bag, enabling you to practice wherever – either at home or out on the course.

Using the Rapsodo Launch Monitor is an excellent way to improve your golf game and gain insight into how to make changes that will improve performance.


Key Takeaway:  The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) is a user-friendly device providing real-time data on each shot. Its features, including Shot Tracer and Satellite Range Mapping, allow golfers to visualize their shots’ flight paths and make real-time adjustments for noticeable ball striking improvements. In addition, the MLM’s portability makes it easy to take anywhere, whether practicing at home or out on the course itself.


Rapsodo Launch Monitor vs. Other Models

When selecting a launch monitor, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM), SkyTrak Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor, and FlightScope Mevo Portable Personal Launch Monitor are three popular models to consider.

In this section, we will compare the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) with two other popular official launch monitor models: the SkyTrak Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor and the FlightScope Mevo Portable Personal Launch Monitor. Comparing their characteristics, precision, and cost points can assist you in selecting the most appropriate system for your requirements.


Rapsodo MLM vs. SkyTrak Launch Monitor

  • Price: The Rapsodo MLM is significantly more affordable than SkyTrak’s offering. While both devices provide accurate data analysis for golfers looking to improve their game, those on a budget may find that Rapsodo offers better value for money.
  • Data Points: Both monitors offer similar data points, such as ball speed, clubhead speed, smash factor, launch angle, etc., but SkyTrak also provides spin rate measurements which might be important for some players.
  • Simplicity & Portability: The Rapsodo MLM has a simpler setup process than SkyTrak since it only requires your smartphone or tablet while using its built-in camera technology. This makes it more portable and easier to use during practice sessions at various locations.
  • Golf Simulation Compatibility: One of the main advantages of SkyTrak is its compatibility with various golf simulation software, allowing users to play virtual rounds on famous courses. Rapsodo MLM currently does not offer this feature.


Rapsodo MLM vs. FlightScope Mevo Portable Launch Monitor

  • Price: Both devices are priced similarly, making them accessible options for weekend golfers and those looking to improve their game without breaking the bank.
  • Data Points: While both monitors provide essential data points like ball speed, clubhead speed, smash factor, etc., FlightScope Mevo also measures spin rate, which can be helpful for players who want more detailed information about their shots.
  • Simplicity & Portability: The Rapsodo MLM and FlightScope Mevo use a smartphone or tablet for setup.
  • Video Analysis Feature: One unique advantage of the Rapsodo MLM is its video analysis capability which allows you to record your swing and overlay shot data directly onto the video. This feature is not available in FlightScope Mevo’s current offering.

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Comparing these three launch monitors, it becomes clear that each model offers distinct features catering to different golfer preferences and budgets. Choosing between them will depend on what aspects are most important for your individual goals and requirements when practicing or playing golf.

After comparing the Rapsodo Launch Monitor to other models, it is clear that this product offers great value for golfers looking to improve their game.


Key Takeaway:  The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) is compared to two other popular models, the SkyTrak Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor and the FlightScope Mevo Portable Personal Launch Monitor. The comparison covers factors such as price, data points measured, simplicity/portability of setup process, golf simulation compatibility (for SkyTrak), and the video replay analysis feature (unique to Rapsodo MLM). Ultimately, choosing between these launch monitors will depend on individual golfer preferences and budgets.


Final Impressions of the Rapsodo Launch Monitor

After spending considerable time with the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations in many ways. From its ease of use to its accuracy and impressive features, this launch monitor is an excellent investment for weekend golfers and those looking to improve their game.


Affordability and Value for Money

The Rapsodo MLM offers great value for money compared to other launch monitors on the market. The Rapsodo MLM’s cost makes it a viable option for those with more limited budgets, allowing them to benefit from the same level of quality as pricier options.

The data provided by the MLM is accurate enough for most amateur players, making it a cost-effective choice without compromising on quality.


User-Friendly Interface and Features

There were plenty of features that a weekend golfer like myself can take advantage of. These include:

  • Easy setup: As mentioned earlier, setting up the Rapsodo MLM is quick and straightforward – perfect for getting started right away for your local driving range sessions.
  • RAPSODO App: The accompanying app provides instant feedback on your shots, allowing you to adjust as needed during practice sessions. Additionally, you can track your progress over time using various metrics such as distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, smash factor, etc., helping you identify areas where improvement is needed.
  • Shot Tracer Technology: One standout feature offered by this launch monitor is its shot tracer technology which visually displays each shot’s trajectory directly within the app – adding an extra layer of engagement while practicing.
  • Social Sharing Capabilities: The Rapsodo MLM also allows you to share your best shots with friends and fellow golfers via social media, fostering a sense of community among users.


Accuracy and Consistency

The shot data provided by the Rapsodo Launch Monitor is impressively accurate for its price range. While it may not be as precise as some higher-end models used by professionals, it still offers reliable information that can help amateur players identify areas for improvement in their game.

Its consistency across various metrics makes it an invaluable tool for tracking progress over time.

Given all these factors, I highly recommend the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor to any golfer looking to take their game to the next level. With its affordability, user-friendly features, and accuracy, this launch monitor has undoubtedly earned a place in my practice routine – and I believe it will do the same for many others seeking improvement on the course.


Key Takeaway: The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is an excellent investment for weekend golfers and those looking to improve their game, offering great value for money with its accuracy and impressive features. Its user-friendly interface, shot tracer technology, social sharing capabilities, and consistency across various metrics make it an invaluable tool for tracking progress over time. Overall, the Rapsodo MLM has exceeded expectations in many ways and comes highly recommended by reviewers.

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FAQ Rapsodo Launch Monitor Review

How accurate is Rapsodo Launch Monitor?

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor boasts an accuracy of +/- 2.5% for ball flight speed and +/- 1.5 yards for carry distance, making it one of the more precise devices in its price range. Its advanced technology uses radar and camera systems to capture data, ensuring reliable results for golfers looking to improve their game.


Can you use Rapsodo without the premium subscription?

Yes, you can use the basic features of the Rapsodo Launch Monitor without a premium subscription. However, subscribing to Rapsodo’s MLM Membership unlocks additional features such as club gapping analysis, shot plotting on virtual courses, personalized data insights and access to exclusive content from professional golfers.


How accurate is Rapsodo club head speed?

Rapsodo’s club head speed measurements are generally considered accurate within a few miles per hour compared to other high-end launch monitors. The device uses both radar technology and high-speed cameras to track your swing accurately and provide valuable insights into your performance.


Can I use my Android Phone?

Unfortunately, the Rapsodo Launch Monitor only supports iOS at the time of this writing. We anticipate they will launch an Android app  in the future. 


Wrapping It Up – Is It Worth It?

Overall, the Rapsodo Launch Monitor is a great product for golfers looking to improve their game. I found it to be the best personal launch monitor on the market for the price.

At the time of this writing, the Rapsodo mobile launch monitor is the only launch monitor on the market for under $300 compared to its counterparts making it a very affordable launch monitor.

In comparison with more expensive launch monitors on the market, it’s one of the best in terms of accuracy and price point. Having assessed its accuracy and affordability, I can confidently recommend this product as an ideal choice for golfers wishing to improve their game.

It provides detailed data that can be used to track your progress and make adjustments as needed. The installation was simple and uncomplicated.

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