Proper Golf Attire: Everything You Need To Know

Proper Golf Attire


  • Proper golf attire is essential for both style and gameplay, ensuring respect for golf traditions and improving personal performance.
  • Essential men’s golf attire includes polo shirts, golf trousers/shorts, proper footwear, and potentially sweaters or vests.
  • Women’s golf attire encompasses classic polo shirts, golf skirts/skorts, pants or capris, and the right footwear with sun protection being a must.
  • Accessories like hats, gloves, sunglasses, and belts can enhance the golfing experience, adding both functional benefits and style.
  • Always check specific golf course dress codes, as rules can vary, and adhere to dos and don’ts to respect the game and its longstanding customs.


Ever wondered, “What is proper golf attire?”

Just picture this: You’re walking onto the green, feeling confident and prepared. 

But then you look down at your outfit – does it meet the standards? 

Does it reflect both respect for the game and your personal style?

The importance of wearing proper golf attire isn’t just about looking good on the course. 

It can actually affect how you play!

In this guide, we’ll uncover what men and women should wear when playing golf, some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind on the course, the benefits of dressing right for a round of golf, plus essential accessories to complete your look.


Proper Golf Attire for Men?

Proper Golf Attire men

Golf attire can vary depending on the course and its rules. But, every golfer should have a few key items in their wardrobe.


Polo Shirts

A collared shirt is essential for any golfer, and a golf polo offers the perfect combination of style and comfort. 

They’re stylish yet comfortable, making them perfect for a round of golf. Most golf courses require collared shirts, so polos fit right into that rule.


Golf Trousers or Shorts

The choice between trousers or shorts often depends on the weather and personal preference. 

Whichever you choose, make sure they’re designed specifically for golfing to ensure maximum comfort during your game.

If it’s chilly out, opt for some warm golf pants. When it gets hotter though, switch from long pants to breathable golf shorts.



Your shoes play an important role when playing golf. Good golf shoes provide stability during swings and keep your feet comfy through all 18 holes.

Go with golf soft spikes ones if you want more grip, but spikeless ones work well, too – especially if you plan to wear them off-course as well.

Note: Don’t forget socks. High-performance athletic socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable.


Golf Sweaters or Vests

A golf sweater or vest can be a life saver for those colder days. 

These provide warmth without restricting movement – crucial for maintaining that perfect swing.

Vests are versatile as they offer some insulation but let your arms move freely. 

If it’s really cold, you should opt for the full sleeves of a golf sweater instead.


The Extras

Last but not least, don’t forget about accessories like gloves and hats. 

A pair of gloves can help with the hold on your golf club, and a hat is ideal for keeping the sun’s rays away while preventing sweat from dripping into your eyes.


Key Takeaway: When you’re out on the golf course, your outfit should be both trendy and practical. Key items? A polo shirt (typically a must), golf-specific trousers or shorts, shoes that offer a good balance of grip and flexibility, plus some extra layers like sweaters or vests for those chillier days. And don’t forget accessories – gloves can improve your hold on the club, while hats help keep the sun at bay.


Proper Golf Attire for Women

Golf Attire Women

Golfing isn’t just about the perfect swing or a low handicap. 

It’s also about respecting traditions, including dressing appropriately on the course.

For women golfers, understanding what to wear can be quite tricky because fashion in golf evolves constantly. 

But let’s get you covered with some basic rules and tips.


The Classic Polo Shirt

A classic polo shirt never goes out of style on a golf course. 

They are both comfortable and classy.

You can go for either short-sleeved or long-sleeved based on weather conditions, but make sure it fits well without restricting your swing.


Golf Skirts: Stylish Yet Functional

Golf skirts, often called skorts (shorts that look like skirts), have become a standard part of women’s golf attire due to their blend of comfort, functionality, and style.

The length should be modest – typically no more than 4 inches above the knee – ensuring freedom during swings while maintaining decorum.


Pants & Capris: An Alternative Choice

If skirts aren’t your thing, fear not. 

Many female players prefer wearing pants or capris when playing (not athletic pants or yoga pants); they offer great flexibility and protection from the elements. 

Make sure they’re made from breathable materials like cotton or performance fabrics that wick away moisture.



The right footwear is essential for stability and comfort during a round. 

Women’s golf shoes have come a long way from the traditionally dull styles, now offering a range of stylish options that don’t compromise on functionality.

Golf socks are equally important – they should be moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry throughout the game.


Sun Protection: A Must-Have

And remember, shielding yourself from the sun is key. Lather up with plenty of sunscreen and don’t forget your hat or visor.


Key Takeaway: When it comes to women’s golf attire, it’s all about mixing style, comfort, and a nod to tradition. The timeless polo shirt is still key while adding some zest with golf skirts or skorts makes for both fun and functionality. Of course, pants and capri pants work too. But remember – comfy shoes that steady your swing are crucial. And there are plenty of stylish ones out there. Just don’t leave behind the must-haves like socks that wick away sweat and good sun protection to make sure you’re always having a blast on the green.


Do’s and Don’ts on the Course

Knowing what to wear on the golf course can be a tricky affair, especially for beginners. 

To help you navigate this sartorial maze, let’s delve into some do’s and don’ts.


The Do’s of Golf Attire

Ensure your golf clothes are crisp and spotless before venturing out onto the golf course. 

Wrinkled or dirty golfing attire is frowned upon in golf culture. 

So before heading out onto the green, take an extra moment to ensure your outfit looks its best.

Wearing collared shirts is another must-do in golf fashion. 

It adds a professional touch to your look, showing respect for the game and other players. 

Last but not least: socks

They might seem insignificant but wearing high socks with shorts isn’t just a style choice; it also helps protect against grass stains and bug bites during those summer rounds.


The Don’ts of Golf Attire

Avoiding denim should be rule number one when picking out your ensemble. 

Jeans aren’t considered appropriate because they lack the flexibility needed for swings, plus their casual vibe doesn’t match up with traditional standards set by golf clubs across the globe, as explained here by The Left Rough.

T-shirts too, fall under the ‘don’t’ category due mainly to being less formal compared to classic polo shirts favored among golfers everywhere according to PGA Tour guidelines.

Achieving a combination of fashion and functionality can be difficult, yet doable.


Key Takeaway: Mastering golf attire is all about respect for the game and its traditions. Keep your clothes neat, clean, and professional – think collared shirts and high socks. Avoid any denim jackets, t-shirts, or flashy colors that don’t align with golf’s modest culture. Striking a balance between style and practicality can be tricky but it’s definitely doable.


The Benefits of Wearing Proper Golf Attire

Wearing the right golf attire isn’t just about following traditions or rules. It also plays a key role in your comfort and performance on the course.


Increase Comfort with Suitable Materials

Golf clothing is specifically designed to give you maximum comfort during play. 

Using breathable materials like cotton, polyester, or blends allows for excellent air circulation, which keeps you cool under pressure.

This helps prevent excessive sweating that can distract you from your game. 

Some brands even incorporate moisture-wicking technology into their clothes – an advantage worth considering when choosing what to wear.


Enhance Performance Through Freedom of Movement

Golf requires a lot of movement; swinging, bending over to pick up balls, and walking across vast greens are all part of the game.

Clothing designed for golf typically offers greater flexibility than regular streetwear because it’s cut differently. 

For example, golf shirts have looser sleeves that don’t restrict your swing, while tailored trousers let you bend comfortably without pinching at the waist.


Safeguard Against Weather Conditions

Proper golf apparel can protect against varying weather conditions, too.

A lightweight jacket or pullover comes in handy in chilly winds, whereas UV-resistant fabrics provide protection against harsh sun rays during summer rounds.

Moreover, some pieces come waterproof – a blessing when unexpected rain showers hit.


Maintain Course Etiquette & Respect Tradition

The PGA points out that appropriate attire is part of golf etiquette and tradition.

Most clubs have dress codes, which often include collared shirts for men and modest skirts or shorts for women. 

Respecting these rules shows your understanding of the game’s culture and history.


Boost Confidence with a Sharp Look

When a golfer’s decked out in the right gear, they don’t just look more pro – their confidence also gets a boost. This can give them an edge on the mental game, too.


Key Takeaway: Proper golf attire isn’t just about style or tradition – it’s a game-changer on the course. Clothes made from breathable materials keep you cool and comfy, while flexible cuts boost your swing freedom. Dressing right also respects etiquette, safeguards against weather surprises, and even ramps up your confidence for that winning edge.


Accessories to Complete Your Look

The world of golf is not just about clubs and balls. There’s a style element too, one that can give you both comfort and confidence on the course.



They’re more than fashion statements; they protect your eyes from sun glare. 

Golf hats offer excellent UV protection while adding flair to your attire.

Golf hats come in various styles, such as visors, bucket hats, or traditional caps. 

You can match them with your outfit or let them stand out as a statement piece.



You might think sunglasses only serve an aesthetic purpose on the golf course, but they also provide much-needed eye protection against harmful UV rays and help enhance visibility by reducing glare.

A good pair of shades should have polarized lenses like those found in Oakley’s Radar EV Path Sunglasses. 

This feature will improve color contrast and clarity, making it easier for you to spot the ball against different backgrounds on sunny days.



No golfer should underestimate the importance of gloves. They aren’t just there to look cool—they play an important role in providing grip strength when swinging clubs, especially during hot weather when hands tend to get sweaty.

I’ve had great experiences with products like FootJoy’s WeatherSof Glove—a durable option that provides optimum feel without sacrificing grip. You can purchase one of these here.



Last but not least, let’s talk about belts—an often overlooked accessory that could make or break your golf outfit.

A good belt should hold up your trousers without digging into your waist while you swing. 

Consider options like the Under Armour Braided Belt, which offers both comfort and style on the course.

You can find it at most sporting goods stores or simply click here.


Key Takeaway: Perfecting your golf look isn’t just about style, but also comfort and functionality. Essential accessories include hats for sun protection and added flair, sunglasses with polarized lenses to enhance visibility, gloves that improve grip strength even in hot weather, and belts that provide a comfortable fit without hindering your swing.


FAQ – What is Proper Golf Attire

Are jeans allowed on the golf course?

Traditionally, jeans are not considered appropriate golf attire due to their casual nature and because they can restrict movement during the golf swing. 

While some more relaxed and public golf courses might allow jeans, many private golf courses do not. 

Moreover, jeans can be uncomfortable in hotter conditions, and they don’t provide the flexibility offered by dedicated golf pants or shorts. 


Can I wear socks and street shoes instead of golf shoes?

Some golf courses, particularly those of a more public or casual nature, might allow athletic sneakers. 

However, golf shoes are designed to provide grip on the green, balance during your swing, and comfort throughout a round. 

The soles of proper golf shoes, whether soft spikes or spikeless, are crafted to give the player traction without damaging the course. 

Investing in a good pair of golf shoes is recommended if you’re serious about playing and want the best experience.


How do I know the specific dress code of a golf course?

Golf courses usually have their dress code policies detailed on their official websites, under sections like “Visitor Information,” “Course Etiquette,” or “Dress Code.” 

If you can’t find the information online, calling the course’s main office or pro shop is a good idea. 

They can provide specifics and answer any questions you might have. 

Remember, it’s always better to know in advance than to be turned away or feel out of place on arrival.


Are cargo shorts or pants appropriate for golf?

Cargo shorts and pants, characterized by their external pockets, tend to lean more on the casual side and aren’t typically favored in the traditional golfing world. 

Many golf courses and clubs prefer a cleaner, more tailored look. 

Thus, tailored golf shorts or trousers without bulky pockets are the norm. 

If you’re playing at a new or upscale course, it’s wise to avoid cargo attire to ensure adherence to the dress code.


Can children follow a more relaxed golf dress code?

 While some golf courses might be more lenient with children’s attire, introducing them to the game’s traditions and expected course dress code from a young age is beneficial when they play golf.  Dressing appropriately teaches them respect for the game and its longstanding customs. 


Why is it frowned upon to wear metal spikes?

Metal spikes have been the traditional choice for many years due to the excellent grip and stability they offer on the golf course. 

However, they can cause considerable damage to greens, leaving marks and punctures that affect the playing surface. 

This wear and tear can result in increased course maintenance costs and less-than-optimal playing conditions for golfers. 

As a result, many modern golf courses have moved to require soft-spiked or spikeless shoes, which offer ample traction without detrimental effects on the course. 

Wrapping It Up – Proper Golf Attire

With the knowledge you’ve gathered, you’re all set to step out on the golf course looking both stylish and appropriate! 

From the basics for men and women to the nuances of golf etiquette, you’ve got it covered. 

It’s all about blending respect for the classic traditions of golf with a sprinkle of your unique style. 

And hey, dressing the part isn’t just for the looks; it can give you a comfort boost and might even give your swing a little extra flair. 

Don’t forget those snazzy accessories like hats, gloves, and sunglasses—they’re the cherry on top, offering practical perks like sun defense and a firmer grip. 

In essence, dressing right is not just about feeling fabulous—it can amp up your game, too! 

We hope you found our article Proper Golf Attire helpful.

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