GOLFTEC Review: An Honest Review of the Popular Golf Instruction Service

GOLFTEC reviews have been gaining traction in the golfing world, and for a good reason.

As the higher handicap golfer, I’ve had my fair share of experiences at GOLFTEC to provide insight into their services. This review will cover everything from pros and cons to tips on getting the most out of your golf lessons.

Having seen the advantages of GOLFTEC, I’m here to share my expertise with fellow golfers and provide tips on how best to benefit from their services.


What is GOLFTEC?

Golftec Review


GOLFTEC is a golf instruction company that offers personalized golf lessons and training to help improve your game. It was founded in 1995 with the goal of helping players reach their full potential on the course.

GOLFTEC boasts a network of outlets spanning the globe, from North America to Oceania and Japan. The instructors are certified professionals who use cutting-edge technology such as video analysis and launch monitors to help you identify areas for improvement.


GOLFTEC Services

GOLFTEC offers various services to meet your individual needs, including private golf lessons, custom club fitting sessions, swing evaluation, and equipment sales. Using advanced motion capture tech, GOLFTEC can show you your swing to pinpoint what needs refining.

Their instructors will then provide drills and exercises tailored specifically for you that will help take your skillset up a notch or two.


Initial Assessment

GOLFTEC Swing Assessment


I had heard a lot of great things about GOLFTEC and chose to visit my local GOLFTEC center. I was pleasantly amazed by the initial assessment, which gave me a comprehensive glance at my golfing performance.

GOLFTEC is a leading provider of golf instruction services that offers customized golf lessons to golfers of all skill levels. One of their core services is the GOLFTEC swing evaluation, designed to provide golfers with a detailed understanding of their swing mechanics and a roadmap for improvement.

My GOLFTEC coach Josh Trimble started my swing evaluation process by discussing my golfing goals and assessing my current skill level.

After the discussion, he asked me to hit a few shots while being recorded on video. The video footage was then analyzed by Josh, who uses advanced software to break down my golf swing and identify the flaws and what needs to be worked on.


GolfTEC’s instructors are highly trained and experienced in swing analysis, and they use a range of tools and techniques to evaluate your swing.

In addition to video analysis, they may use launch monitors and other tools to comprehensively evaluate my golf swing. This information is used to create a personalized improvement game plan, which may include specific drills and exercises to help you improve your swing mechanics.

One of the key benefits of the GOLFTEC swing evaluation is that it provides golfers with immediate feedback on their swing mechanics.

The video analysis and other tools allow you to see your golf swing in detail, which can help you identify areas for improvement that you may not have been aware of. This feedback was key for me to see where my mistakes were.

GolfTec Monitor


Once the swing evaluation was complete, Josh created a personalized improvement plan for our golf lessons to help me take my golf game to the next level. This was a step-by-step process. Rather than trying to make global changes in one lesson, Josh focuses on improving the different parts of my golf swing. This includes:

  • Set Up and Address
  • The Takeaway
  • Top of the Backswing
  • Transition to Down Swing
  • Impact
  • Follow Through


Golf Lessons


After the initial assessment, I began my first GOLFTEC lesson with Josh. With the data he showed me, he provided excellent examples of tour players and the technique I should adopt for that particular lesson.

Each GOLFTEC lesson focused on specific drills that helped build muscle memory so that I could make lasting improvements over time. But, to put it plainly, we needed to fix many of the bad habits on my takeaway before we could even address striking the golf ball at impact. Regardless of how well I can address the downswing transition, the shot would be doomed if my takeaway wasn’t correct.

Each lesson after this is built on the previous lesson’s teaching to create a more fluid golf swing.



The results have been excellent. My drives are consistently straighter and long, while my short game has also seen dramatic improvement due to increased accuracy around the greens.

This has resulted in lower scores overall, something every golfer strives for. That said, before seeing the improvement, I had to be comfortable trusting the process and taking a few steps back. After every GOLFTEC lesson, I booked a practice session to easily work on what was just taught to me.

Yes. There will be frustrating moments where you feel you’re not improving because the golf ball is not going straight or lacks the expected distance. This is where the beauty of technology comes in. Although my ball wasn’t flying straight initially, Josh showed me on video that I had improved my hip rotation and shoulder tilt.




GOLFTEC offers one of the best app in the golf industry designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a range of features designed to help golfers improve their game.

One of the app’s key features that I use frequently is the ability to access your own swing data, video and lesson information from anywhere. This means you can review your swing mechanics and golf lesson notes any time, even when you are away from the golf course.

GOLFTEC app lessons

The app also provides access to a range of instructional content, including drills and exercises designed to help golfers improve their swing mechanics.

This content is tailored to your specific needs and goals based on the results of your initial swing evaluation and ongoing GOLFTEC lessons.

Another feature of the GOLFTEC app is the ability to schedule and manage your GOLFTEC lessons. You can use the app to schedule lessons with your GOLFTEC instructor, view your upcoming GOLFTEC lesson schedule and manage your account information.

Key Takeaway: GOLFTEC ‘s swing evaluation and lessons are very effective in improving the swing motion through a series of lessons that tailormade for your swing style. While there can be frustrating moments during your GOLFTEC lessons, you will start to see improvements by trusting the process. 


GOLFTEC Pros and Cons


  • GOLFTEC provides certified instructors
  • Over 180 GOLFTEC locations nationwide, so there’s likely one near you.
  • GOLFTEC Lessons tailored to your individual needs and goals.
  • Booking a lesson is effortless, with the option to do so online or via the app
  • Video technology helps you understand where issues are and can correct them.
  • GOLFTEC has a variety of packages available depending on how much help you need and how often you want lessons.



  • GOLFTEC lessons can be relatively expensive compared to your local instructor on the range. That said, GOLFTEC usually has running promotions for their lesson package to help ease the cost.


Other GOLFTEC Services



GOLFTEC’s TECFIT is a custom golf club fitting service that is designed to help golfers optimize their equipment and improve their golf game. TECFIT is offered at select GOLFTEC locations and is conducted by certified golf club fitters who use advanced technology to analyze and fit golfers for the best clubs for their game.

The club fitting process typically begins with discussing your golfing goals and assessing your current equipment. The club fitter will then take a series of measurements, including your height, arm length, and swing speed, to help determine the best club specifications for your swing.

Next, the club fitter will use launch monitor technology to analyze your ball flight and spin rates. This information is used to identify any inconsistencies or areas for improvement in ball speed with your current club setup.

Based on the data collected during the club fitting, the club fitter will recommend specific club head, shaft, and grip options best suited to your swing. They may also suggest adjustments to the club’s length, lie angle, or loft to further optimize your equipment.

The club fitting process includes a follow-up session to ensure your new clubs are properly fitted and adjusted. This session may include additional swing analysis to ensure your new equipment performs as intended.

One of the key benefits of TECFIT’s club fitting is that it provides golfers with customized equipment tailored to their specific swing characteristics and goals. This can help golfers achieve more consistent and accurate shots, leading to lower scores and a more enjoyable golfing experience.

Another benefit of TECFIT’s club fittings is that it helps golfers avoid the common mistake of buying clubs off the shelf without considering their unique swing characteristics. By working with a certified club fitter, golfers can be confident that they are investing in equipment that is optimized for their game.


Purchase Equipment


I bet you didn’t know that GOLFTEC sells all the popular brands of clubs. But they, in fact, do!

GOLFTEC offers a range of golf clubs for sale at their locations, including drivers, irons, wedges, and putters. These clubs are selected based on their performance and quality and are designed to meet the needs of golfers of all skill levels.

When purchasing clubs from GOLFTEC, golfers can work with their certified club fitter to ensure that they are selecting clubs that are properly matched to their swing characteristics and goals. This can help golfers avoid the common mistake of purchasing clubs that are not a good fit for their game.

In addition to offering individual clubs, GOLFTEC also offers complete club sets designed to meet golfers’ needs at different skill levels. These sets typically include a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter, and are available in a range of configurations to suit different preferences and budgets.

GOLFTEC’s club sets are typically priced competitively with other leading brands and may include additional benefits such as a free club fitting. GOLFTEC also offers financing options to help golfers spread the cost of their new clubs over time.

One potential downside to purchasing clubs from GOLFTEC is that their selection may be more limited compared to other retailers. While GOLFTEC offers a range of high-quality clubs, they may not have the same range of brands or models as larger retailers.

Overall, purchasing clubs from GOLFTEC can be a good option for golfers who are looking for high-quality equipment that is properly matched to their game. By working with their certified club fitter, golfers can be confident that they are investing in clubs that will help them play better golf and enjoy the game more.


Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Lessons at GOLFTEC

Preparation Before Your Lesson:

Preparation is key to getting the most out of your GOLFTEC lessons.

It’s important to practice before you arrive so that you can demonstrate what you know and identify areas for improvement.

Before the GOLFTEC lesson, ensure your muscles are ready by warming up adequately. Also, be aware of any physical limitations or injuries that could affect your swing or ability to perform certain drills. Knowing these ahead of time when taking lessons will allow your instructor to adjust accordingly and focus on what’s most important for improving your game.


During Your Lesson:

During a lesson at GOLFTEC, it’s essential to stay focused and ask questions if something isn’t clear.

Remember that there may be other golfers in the facility who are also receiving instruction; therefore, it’s important not to distract them by talking loudly or moving around too much during their lessons.

Also, don’t be daunted by all the data being imparted; make a point to take down notes during the meeting so you can look them over later when rehearsing independently.

After your lesson, it is essential to continue working on what was discussed in order for progressions in skill level and technique to become permanent fixtures in one’s golf game rather than temporary fixes from an isolated session with an instructor.

This type of diligence should result in improved scores over time as well as increased confidence levels when playing rounds with friends or competing against opponents on courses across America.

Key Takeaway: Prepare ahead to get the most out of your GOLFTEC lessons; focus and ask questions during the session, then hit the ground running by implementing changes learned afterward. Utilize notes taken for extra practice sessions and stay dedicated to improving scores over time with increased confidence.


Wrapping It Up

My GOLFTEC experience was very positive, and I highly recommend the services they offer to anyone looking to improve their golf game.

The GOLFTEC coaches were helpful throughout the process of setting up the GOLFTEC’s swing evaluation and lessons. In addition, my instructor Josh is knowledgeable and accommodating, ensuring I got the most out of each session.

With high-tech analysis tools and expert instruction, GOLFTEC is an invaluable resource for weekend golfers or aspiring professionals who want to take their game up a notch. For more information, contact your local GOLFTEC location or visit their website by clicking here.

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